“This is my favorite Cuban bakery in Broward County.

The two ladies who are always at the counter are friendly and very helpful. My favorite item is their empanadas and croquettas. My husband loves the guava and cheese pastries and we always order coladas to go.

Parking is a little tight, but don’t let that steer you away. This little bakery is a gem, and we always have a box of goodies from here in the house.”
Lainey L., Yelp

“Great Cuban bakery. Really nice and helpful staff. Pastelitos were nice and warm when we got them and so delicious! The parking lot is a bit narrow; just as a heads up.”
Sharline Q., Yelp

“I’ve been craving a good and authentic pastelito for the longest time and I just stopped in today and it was so good! Customer service was on point and my craving was satisfied. I definitely will be coming back soon!”
Rachel K., Yelp

“Oh my god yes to this bakery. It is my mission to visit local bakeries when I’m on a trip and Sunshine Bakery did not disappoint. The staff was super knowledgeable and friendly and the pastries and desserts? Amazing! We tried many treats. Amongst the faves are guava and cheese turnovers, coconut and cheese turnovers, and all things dulce de leche. Go there right now!”
Sahar C., Yelp

“Don’t pass by this delicious bakery! I know the area is full of Cuban bakeries, but this place is in a class of its own. We had beef empanadas, guava and cheese pastries, and cafe con leche. The coffee is perfectly sweetened. The empanadas have an satisfying corn texture and crunch. All for $6! Make this your new local bakery.”
Jennifer F., Yelp

“Best sandwich ever!!!! Very large portions and very affordable prices. The pastries are fresh and delicious”
Joanna H., Yelp

“Everything here was 10 out of 10. Guava pastries, empanada, coffee! Awesome! Friendly staff and super reasonable prices as well.”
Brian F., Yelp

“I love the cuban coffee. The sandwiches and pastries are really good. I live in Las Olas, Downtown fort Lauderdale and can’t find a place where I can get the same selection for the price.”
Olivia D., Yelp

“This place was great! They had the best empanadas and pastries. They were also very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend this place!”
Tana C., Yelp